Well, I had a chat with my friend Raphaël of Renana fame and he suggested I start a blog. Or restart…I have an old, moribund blog at Blogspot which hasn’t been touched for years, so it feels like it’s time for a fresh start.

Coming up – posts on my interests which are likely to be SF/F and Jewish/Israel themes. I read quite a bit and I like to write, so if that interests you, there’ll be something interesting here eventually. I might post some links in my Facebook feed – so if you came here via that, welcome – I’m hoping there will be more content soon!

If you have any reactions, good or bad, comments are certainly welcome. Please note that I will police comments if they get out of hand (though I’d like to think I’m fairly thick skinned, I don’t want this to be a forum for people to be unpleasant).

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